Family Strong

Billy's Story

Let’s face it. Being an effective parent is the hardest job to take on. Changes in our culture have altered what families look like: more mothers are rearing their children alone, and more grandparents are picking up where parents left off. Growing pressures conspire against keeping families strong, making it harder all the time to be intentional about raising our children to make good choices that lead to a productive, satisfied life.

But there is hope! Here are some resources to help you navigate this current culture:

Featured Resources

What-Is-Your-Place-Of-Influence feature

What Is Your Place Of Influence?

Being a parent means that you will always have a place of influence with your children. What place of influence…

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Father And Son Praying Under The Cross

Father’s Prayer

Check out an original Paul Anderson poem: Father's Prayer

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How Can You Change A LIfe Video

How Can You Change A Life

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you try to do good? Well how about some good news: you can change…

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The Other Side of the Equation

Listen to the news, a conversation at work, or even around the ball field and it isn’t uncommon to hear…

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Keep It Simple. Keep It Fun.

It’s summer! We all have memories of childhood being a time when we were out of school and the summer…

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Video Gaming

Porn and Playstations

Every year technology seems to embed itself deeper into our homes and lives. Many electronic gadgets we never even dreamed…

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The Importance of Completion

Being able to finish a task to completion is a huge success that we should celebrate early on with our…

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Want Some Good News?

Want some good news?  We all could use some.  Well here is are your child's biggest influence and it's…

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Bridging Understanding Between The Generations

Bridging the gap between the generations can be a tricky task to undertake. But there are lessons to be learned…

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