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Let’s face it. Being an effective parent is the hardest job to take on. Changes in our culture have altered what families look like: more mothers are rearing their children alone, and more grandparents are picking up where parents left off. Growing pressures conspire against keeping families strong, making it harder all the time to be intentional about raising our children to make good choices that lead to a productive, satisfied life.

But there is hope! Here are some resources (support for parents) to help you navigate this current culture:

Featured Resources


Am I Teaching My Child Independence or Showing Neglect?

Parenting with boundaries, trusting your child. Must read article on how to find a balance.

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What is a dad and why does it matter?

Have you ever wondered: What is a dad? And why on earth does it matter? In an ever changing culture,…

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What’s New For Us In 2015?

Paul Anderson is our founder and our hero. Not because of his Olympic Gold medal, World Records or awe-inspiring stature—it’s…

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young woman looking into a mirror

Real Self-Esteem

The wonder and innocence of childhood is a fragile and fleeting thing. The turns and tangles of the world beyond…

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Parenting With No Regrets

Before Your Son Becomes a man--5 Simple Steps for dad to guide their sons to a bright future.

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Parenting tips on teaching your children how to value kindness and caring

4 parenting tips to help you as you teach your children and grandchildren to value kindness and caring.

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Greater than Thanks

It is a season of thanks! But, this is a season where we need to be teaching our children something…

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Call me Al…or Dad? – Parents As Friends

In today's culture parents as friends is becoming more and more popular. So, what is the proper approach? Should children…

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What-Is-Your-Place-Of-Influence feature

What Is Your Place Of Influence?

Being a parent means that you will always have a place of influence with your children. What place of influence…

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