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The Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) is a Christian residential home for troubled youth. Since 1961, we have been shaping men of character. Our desire is to offer a fresh start for troubled teenagers who need to change their lives and have reached a “dead end.” For parents in crisis, the PAYH is a sanctuary. [read more]

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What’s New For Us In 2015?

Paul Anderson is our founder and our hero. Not because of his Olympic Gold medal, World Records or awe-inspiring stature—it’s…

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Jesse graduation

A Family Changed

One young man's change is a ripple. Can we ever know the true impact?

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Parenting With No Regrets

Before Your Son Becomes a man--5 Simple Steps for dad to guide their sons to a bright future.

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Boys Youth Home helps Dekalb Teenagers

Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vidalia, GA reaches into Metro Atlanta changing the lives of young men and their families.…

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Value of a Changed Life

Because of you, lives can change. In this video, Jesse tells us exactly how his life has changed. When you…

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Paul & Glenda

Build Something Bigger Than Record-Setting Strength

Paul Anderson built more than Olympic or Guiness Book of World Record fame. Paul Anderson built lives and offered hope…

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