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The Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) is a Christian residential home for troubled youth. Since 1961, we have been shaping men of character. Our desire is to offer a fresh start for troubled teenagers who need to change their lives and have reached a “dead end.” For parents in crisis, the PAYH is a sanctuary. [read more]

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Be a better parent – It’s never too late

It is never too late to become a better parent. Today is a great day to start!

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Do You Know A Family?

Your family and other families need to see this video. Share it!

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PAYH Featured in FCA Magazine

FCA Magazine features the Paul Anderson Youth Home, telling Paul and Glenda Anderson's story of establishing the organization.

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Food for Thought

Take the classroom to the kitchen - A program teaching young men life skills.

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WSAV Feature

WSAV Savannah “PAYH Provides a Second Chance to Young Men”

Providing troubled teens a second chance. Young men find a new perspective. Tough love, quality Christian enviroment

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What’s New For Us In 2015?

Paul Anderson is our founder and our hero. Not because of his Olympic Gold medal, World Records or awe-inspiring stature—it’s…

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