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Feb 21, 2013

An Untamed Event


Join us for a familySTRONG Event
in Conyers, GA 

Saturday, April 13th
9AM – Noon


Technology: Looking for connection in all the wrong places
Depression & Suicide: Coming up empty vs. finding out the true source
Q & A


Smyrna Presbyterian Church
2920 Hwy 212 SW
Conyers, GA 30094

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Hosted by: D-Now Conyers

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Feb 21, 2013

One Against The World

There are times when we feel we are alone in our commitment to follow God and do what He asks of us. You become frustrated that your efforts to do His will have not brought many others to your side and basically you are all by your lonesome in the moment and circumstance in which God has strategically placed you. It is a very tough task to be one against the world with no one else rallying to your support. Throughout the history of God’s people there have been many an instance when the man or woman of God thought, “Is there no one else to stand with me? Do I need to fight this all by myself?” It was something Noah must have thought in his time, or Abraham, or Joseph, or Moses. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane could not get his closest friends to stay awake with Him and agonize with Him in His moment of greatest crisis. It is never an easy thing to stand by yourself when the chips are down and the stakes are great. Yet there are times when God puts you in this exact position to test the mettle of your faith and bind you to Him. He has done so with many others of His servants, why not with you?
Elijah should have known better than to think he was totally by himself, because he had already had involvement with some who had not bowed the knee to Baal. But in this moment of crisis he sincerely believed he was entirely without any other to stand with him. Elijah could not see it at the moment, but the others who were committed to the true God in that land did not number in the tens or even hundreds, they numbered in the thousands! (1 Kings 19:18) When Elisha, Elijah’s successor, alone with his servant was surrounded by an army completely encircling the city where he was with the purpose of capturing and killing him, Elisha asked God to open the eyes of his terrified servant beside him. When God did open his eyes the servant saw a far greater host of horses and chariots of fire standing between them and the enemy army. Elisha told his servant just before God opened his frantic eyes, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them (2 Kings 6:16) Likewise, the Apostle John, with a promise intended for you today said, “He who is in you, is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). But do you believe it? Do you believe God who says it is true?
You will find yourself in certain situations, or conversations, or perhaps very public moments, or faced with a critical task, where no one else is apparently going to say or do the right thing, the godly thing, and the Spirit of God prompts you to speak or act; you, and you alone, and you are thinking “Why me? You mean, me? By myself?” Or it may be a bigger task than just a moment. It may require a lot of work, and a lot of perseverance, and a great deal of patience, by yourself, alone. This is the time for you to remember, “Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.” and, “There are more with you, than there are with them.” This is practical faith; it is active faith; it is faith being put to the test; it is a faith that will grow because you are willing to speak out, to act, to persevere, by yourself! No one else there to praise you or encourage you on. To pass it by or to be unwilling to do it by yourself is to miss the blessing God gives to those who respond to Him when He calls you; yes, just you, in the moment, and also in the days when you must go it alone.
For those of you today who feel alone as you face a formidable obstacle, who fear speaking out because all eyes turn and look at you in the critical moment when a word from God is truly needed, or just because this is something you need to do yourself, because no one else can do it with you; do not fear doing it alone. See with faith the great cloud of witnesses, recognize that at the same time many others in the world under God’s eyes are also exercising faith “all alone”; but, not really alone; you are doing it with God at your side, and building the intimate relationship that comes from just you and God at work. Nothing else builds that relationship in the same way as just the two of you sharing that moment or task together; and you know it is just you two!
Nothing else accomplishes what this will do in you; you and God against the world!

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Feb 20, 2013

Why Not More: Youth Home seeks to bring change to families

Paul Anderson Youth Home

One of the questions we are asked on a regular basis is how many young men does the Paul Anderson Youth Home serve.  The answer is we work with 20 individuals at a time.  Most respond by asking why we don’t serve more.
It is a fair question, particularly given our results.  Our success rate far surpasses state programs (90% versus 35%) and our daily cost per young man is less than the state’s ($217 a day versus $241).  Given the PAYH is more effective and efficient, as well as the enormity of the need, why don’t we help more?
Why Not More – there’s more to the story
Clearly the government’s approach of trying to change thousands at a time has proven to be ineffective. When facilities are working with hundreds at a time, they end up merely supervising instead of actively seeking to shape.  Watching men is not shaping men!  Higher numbers not always equal a greater impact.
If a mass approach was effective then, we would not see so many people returning to jail. While we want to make an impact on the 36,000 juveniles being arrested every week, we believe that change starts with one!
The human heart holds issues and pains that are not resolved by merely watching and waiting.  They are expressed in relationships that have to be developed over time.  It is very intensive. Meaningful relationships require a substantial investment of energy and commitment.  In our work, often that commitment begins one-sided, but over time, something very healthy begins.  And the return from the investment is breathtaking; miraculous.  If you have not watched Jonathan’s story, I encourage you to take 5 minutes to see the story of a life that has been transformed.
His story is what we hope for in all our young men.  We are looking for a chance to build relationship with them, one life at a time.  A relationship founded on hope, love, honesty, and grace.
More than one!
Change is a commitment shared not only by us, but the young man, the family, and the community from which he came to us.  Working with one life is really a partnership that is much larger than just one.  One life touched has an impact on people and places far greater than we will ever truly comprehend!
Yet even if it was just one, what is that one life worth?  A Vanderbilt studied placed the value of a changed life between $3.1 million and $5.2 million dollars.  I don’t believe that adequately covers the true value.
Life is not just numbers.  What if that one child was yours?  What would be the worth of that life then?  I think we would all answer the question by saying that it is priceless.  Hope is eternal and grace exceeds our capacity to understand the real worth of a transformed life, family, and culture.
Change truly begins with each of us.  If we do not like what we see in our children, families, and communities then we must take action.  Change will not take place through mere observation.  We cannot watch what is taking place and expect there to be any meaningful difference in our culture.
The statistics can be overwhelming and often leads us to apathy.  Apathy is a learned helplessness; we teach ourselves to not care or to just give up.  Yet apathy is not a permit for neglecting responsibility.
Whether it is in our communities, our families, our children, or in our own lives, we have made this mess we call our current culture.  At some point, each one of us is going to have to deal with the reality that it is not simply the government’s fault.  The culpability lies with us all for the world we see around us.  Our response as an organization, made of families and individuals is to take action.
Our ministry exists to help others take action and so we are here to partner with you.  Because it is far more than just one life, one family, and one community we are impacting when we take action.  Together, our influence is not merely measured in numbers but in lives, families, and communities transformed.  But it always starts with one!

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Graduation day
Feb 12, 2013

Change Is Happening

Join us as we bring change to families across the nation
Before Jonathan’s arrest, he had a huge impact on the college campus where he was studying and selling drugs. No one had any doubt when he was taken into custody of all the problems he had caused.  Lives were impacted because of the choices he had made.
Jonathan came to the Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) after four months in jail because he needed help. His life was in chaos and he could not fix it on his own. We provided him with a place that forced him to be real and take a long look at himself.  He changed and that change took place because our program invaded every aspect of his life so that he couldn’t pretend he was “okay anymore.  All who know him are ecstatic to say that Jonathan is not the same person who came to the PAYH.
In the same way Jonathan’s negative behavior had affected others, his remarkable transformation at the PAYH has an impact that reaches well beyond Jonathan himself. His family is different. His parents will attest to that.
Jonathan is a husband now and will soon be a father. Already he recognizes how being at the PAYH has caused him to relate differently to his wife than he would have before coming here. He recognizes that his child will be deeply impacted by the changes that took place in him while he was with us.
Change begins with one at the PAYH.
Change begins with one at the PAYH.  However, it doesn’t ever end with just one person.  No one can truly measure the breadth or how far reaching the impact is of those who have been transformed while in our program.
One thing is for certain: when you invest in the Paul Anderson Youth Home, you are investing in individuals, families and communities.  You are making a footprint and leaving a legacy for others.
No one exists in a vacuum. Our lives affect everyone around us in some way. While it is easy to see the negative influence, it takes time and a willingness to look for the positive.  Isn’t that what we all crave, a hope for something different and a chance to see a changed life!
Thank you for helping us support boys like Jonathan and countless others.  Your support of what we do gave us a chance to build a relationship with him founded on hope, love, honesty, and grace.
That’s why we do what we do and why we ask you to join us. Thank you for believing with us that your gifts will have an impact today and tomorrow.
Join us as we bring change to families across the nation

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Evil of Serving the Lord
Feb 07, 2013

Personally Called

Strength For The Day

Have you been personally called?

Not many of us have a calling like Moses punctuated with a burning bush that is not consumed, or a brilliant light from the skies that temporarily blinds us as Paul, but your call is just as individual, just as notable, just as amazing as theirs, not because of you, but the “amazing-ness” of the call rests in the Caller. The fact that the God of the Universe, the eternal, infinite God called you individually is what makes it notable, powerful, and dramatic to the audience that counts in the courts of heaven. Apparently, it is both a great joy and a mystery to the myriads of angels who inhabit the heavenly realms and look on us with wonder. The drama in the world’s eyes may reside in the miraculous burning bush, or the laser beam of light from the heavens, but the real drama, the exceptionalism, rests in the One Who called you and that He does call you; not the visible-to-the-world manifestation of your calling.
So, consider your calling! That is what God asks you to do. Do not belittle His call of you by saying, “Who am I?”, or comparing your call to Moses or Paul, or their accomplishments; theirs or yours, the glory is the Lord’s. The real value does not rest in your eyes or the world’s, but in God’s. This is what Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is confirming in this text. God calls you individually, not based on your personal attributes whether you see them as commendable or not, whether or not you consider your talents as your personal identity to set you apart from the crowd, but what God can and will do in you. If you are in Christ, you have been called, not unto salvation alone, but into service; and your particular calling does not rest in what you think you are or have, or where you come from, or whether you think you have anything to offer, it rests in God, and He will provide the substance of your calling, not you.
Just know this, that you are to believe by faith that He called you, and consider and pursue your calling with humility. If you belittle your abilities, what you think you have to offer, you are boasting in yourself just as much as the one who thinks they have much to offer, and exceptional talent to display to the world. Both attitudes are actually boasting in you and not where, in truth, it is due alone. It is true God calls His church corporately, all who are in Christ, to serve in His kingdom, but He accomplishes this by calling us each individually to be a part of the body.  Just because your family follows Christ does not by association alone make you a part of the body, you must be called by God and respond by faith to His personal calling of you; to salvation and to service wherever He places you, and for which he will fit you.
Your calling by God is essential for salvation and service; and it is personal. God calls individuals, individuals create families, families create communities, communities (congregations) make up the universal church, and the church is the eternal fellowship of the saints. But it all begins where you are concerned with you personally, and your calling to be the Lord’s. Consider your calling!

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Feb 04, 2013

I Should Have Been A Statistic

 Change-Starts-With-One-Left More-From-Jonathan-Right

What does it take to change the world?  ONE.  You start with one life.  Jonathan is a life that we had the privileged of working with at the PAYH.  Because of his time spent with us, he is no longer one of the 7,225,800 individuals that are locked up on any given night.  It was because of the generosity of individuals like yourself that we were able to provide Jonathan with a second chance.  Today, Jonathan is paying it forward and has joined us by financially supporting other young men at the Home.
Will you join us as a Monthly Partner today to help more young men like Jonathan?
Become A Monthly Partner With Us
When you become a monthly partner, you are a part of a group of supporters that sustain and strengthen our ability to grow stronger and extend our impact.  Through your gifts, you are helping us equip young men, families, and communities with the help they need at their time of need!
With every gift, you help:

  • Keep young men from becoming a statistic.
  • Offer hope to families in crisis.
  • Provide communities with resources that help them address issues youth and families are facing in this current culture.
  • Build a legacy for the next generation.

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