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Dec 21, 2020

I Want to Shout About It!

It’s the time of year when we celebrate the birth of Christ. What a blessing it is for us to be able to call Him our Savior and Lord. As we look back upon what has been a very different year, we can see His hand at work at Paul Anderson Youth Home. During what has been a very difficult time, God has sustained and provided for the PAYH ministry in ways we never could have thought possible. We’ve seen multiple young men come to know the Lord, were able to conduct our events successfully, and God is continuing to meet our financial needs on a daily basis.

It’s easy to look at these events and attribute them to some action on our part. After all, we did work hard, but I know that without God’s grace it would not have been enough. Psalm 127:1 tells us “Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” No amount of skill, hard work, or sacrifice could cause us to succeed without God’s ongoing blessing. He is the one and only reason that we are still here as we prepare to enter our 60th year of operation. When I say that 2020 has been a success for us, I want to be clear when I say that we didnt do this – God did it through partners like you, as He has now done for the 59th consecutive time.

I believe He has caused us to prosper because we have stayed true to our original calling. Our primary focus is simple – we want to plant Gods Word in the hearts of young men, introduce them to Jesus Christ, lead them to the cross, and see their lives and eternities transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why we exist, and the purpose for which Christ came to earth over 2,000 years ago.

As my late husband once said, God sending His Son was the greatest thing that ever happened in the universe. If He lives in my heart, its the greatest thing in my life, and I want to shout about it!” I want to shout about it too.

Love in Christ and Merry Christmas!


Glenda Anderson Leonard

President and Co-Founder

As we gather together to celebrate this Christmas season, we are asking everyone to keep an open ear and open heart to spread the word about the Paul Anderson Youth Home and connect us with the families of young men who are struggling with behavioral problems and issues of discipline, anger, and depression. Through our spiritual counseling, character development, and accelerated learning program, we share Christ with these young men. He is the one who transforms their lives for eternity.


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Paul Anderson Youth Home 2020 Christmas Family Extravaganza
Dec 09, 2020

Paul Anderson Youth Home 2020 Christmas Family Extravaganza

The Christ-centered youth home’s annual Christmas celebration raises funds, awareness and spirits.

(VIDALIA, GA) Paul Anderson Youth Home, a fully accredited and licensed home offering a second chance to young men in crisis, held their annual Christmas party at the First Baptist Church of Vidalia. In order to comply with changes due to the pandemic, the event was unlike the traditional dinner theater show. This year the evening began with a “Jingle Mingle” featuring delectable Christmas goodies and heavy hors d’oeuvres, followed by a lineup of singers, musicians, a jazz ensemble, youth choir and more.

“Our 17th annual Christmas celebration promised to be different, with a new and exciting program of entertainment,” said Glenda Anderson, Co-founder of Paul Anderson Youth Home. “And while we are excited to celebrate the Holy season, we couldn’t wait to share the mission of our ministry and remind our local community about the important work we have been doing for nearly 60 years,” she added.

Paul Anderson Youth Home staff members Eileen Whitfield (Right) and Steven Richardson (Left) perform together at the Christmas Extravaganza.

Paul Anderson Youth Home staff members Eileen Whitfield (Right) and Steven Richardson (Left) perform together at the Christmas Extravaganza.

At Paul Anderson Youth Home, the endless distractions and commercialization of Christmas are put on pause. Instead, the home celebrates the birth of Christ, slowing down the hectic nature of the season to allow a focus on its true meaning. The Christmas Family Extravaganza finds that balance of celebrating God’s gifts and having fun while supporting such a worthy cause.


The Vidalia Heritage Children’s Choir sing for guests at the Christmas Extravaganza.

Rev. Don Moye of First Baptist Church Vidalia curated the evening’s entertainment. Matthew Kersey, Minister of Music and Worship at Grace Community Presbyterian Church and Jeff McCormick, headmaster at Vidalia Heritage Academy, emceed the show. Performance acts included Bill Torrance as “Uncle Gus”, a piano duet with Marshia Pierce and Kathy Rogers, the Williams Family Trio, PAYH staff members Eileen Whitfield and Steven Richardson, and the Vidalia Heritage Children’s Choir. The evening closed with a special performance by members of the PAYH staff and young men.

“Uncle Gus” and a young man from the Paul Anderson Youth Home perform together at the Christmas Extravaganza.

“Uncle Gus” and a young man from the Paul Anderson Youth Home perform together at the Christmas Extravaganza.

As we gather together to celebrate this Christmas season, we are asking everyone to keep an open ear and open heart to spread the word about the Paul Anderson Youth Home and connect us with the families of young men who are struggling with behavioral problems and issues of discipline, anger, and depression. Through our spiritual counseling, character development, and accelerated learning program, we share Christ with these young men. He is the one who transforms their lives for eternity. Our Christmas Extravaganza is one of the many celebrations held throughout the year to celebrate this important work.


Founded in 1961 by weightlifting world champion Paul Anderson and his wife, Glenda, the Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) is a Christian residential program and on-campus school for young men between the ages of 16 and 21 struggling with behavioral problems and issues of discipline, anger and depression. PAYH is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). In addition to counseling and character development, PAYH offers an accelerated learning program enabling residents to graduate with a high school diploma and technical certifications. To date, over 1,400 young men have attended the program. The Home is located at 1603 McIntosh St. in Vidalia, GA. To learn more about PAYH, call 912- 537-7237 or visit


Cynthia Cradduck

Cecilia Russo Marketing 


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May 24, 2020

Memorial Day 2020

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Nov 19, 2019

Thanking God For You

$Blog Post | Paul Anderson Youth Home

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Apr 16, 2019


A Changed Life is Priceless!

At PAYH, Jackson learned that his anger and addiction issues were symptoms of a much greater problem – the fact that he lacked a relationship with God. While he had previously been a “deliberate non-believer,” that came to an end in November when the Holy Spirit moved upon his heart and Jackson came face to face with the reality of his sin and his need for Christ.
You can help more young men like Jackson have a second chance and find hope in Christ through your investment in Paul Anderson Youth Home. You can help to change a life for eternity!
A changed life is priceless!

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Feb 26, 2019

Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation Awards $50,000 Grant to PAYH

Bill Shepherd (center), PAYH Director of Advancement, receives the GBHCMF grant check on behalf of Paul Anderson Youth Home. Pictured with him are Houston Bass (left) of the GA Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation and Thomas Hammond (right), Executive Director of the GA Baptist Mission Board.

This year marks the 14th annual Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation’s Grant Award Luncheon. This luncheon allows the GBHCMF’s Board the opportunity to recognize those ministries throughout the state that have demonstrated effective and efficient direct health care services to their local communities. GBHCMF is both honored and blessed to provide financial support to these ministries. Organizations receiving an award represent some of the most efficient “hands-on providers of health care services in the state. They have also demonstrated excellent core competency service to those in need of health care. It is the GBHCMF’s hope that these funds will help lighten the burden of those who offer health care services as well as those who ultimately receive those benefits. This year the Paul Anderson Youth Home was awarded a grant of $50,000 to assist in the organization’s continued efforts to provide direct health care services to their community. GBHCMF believes the Paul Anderson Youth Home ministry has demonstrated an active service that aligns with the GBHCMF’s core mission to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ through the provision of direct health care services. For more than 100 years, the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry has offered a ministry of healing to those in need.  Providing grant funds to these nonprofit health care providers fulfills their mission of service through local organizations.

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Jan 15, 2019

Christmas Play 2018

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Dec 31, 2018

Evaluating Your New Year's Resolutions

There are two types of people in this world: those who are organized, and those who are wandering around aimlessly in a confused and helpless state because they’ve never organized a thing in their life. Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean. Based on my descriptions of the two groups, you probably guessed that I am part of the first group, and you are right; I love organization. Messes stress me out, creating and checking off to-do lists is therapeutic for me, and I can’t live without my folder systems. Interestingly, my husband is basically the founder of the second group. One look at the inside of his car essentially sends me into cardiac arrest; it looks like an episode of Hoarders or maybe a crime scene investigation. Sometimes he makes to-do lists, but I don’t really know why because he leaves them all over the place and can never find them. I guess opposites do attract, but that is another topic for another day.
Considering my love for organization, you might think I’m a professional New Year’s resolution maker with clear, detailed goals for the upcoming year that I accomplish with ease and perhaps even ahead of schedule. Sadly, I must confess that this is not the case. I do make great lists, but that’s the problem. I have learned that it is really easy for me to get caught up in the act of list-making and never actually get anything done. The things on my list may be “good things, but they often aren’t really accomplishing anything. Sometimes I realize I’m just making lists for the sake of making lists and not really moving myself towards action at all.
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but sometimes I think it would be beneficial for us to just forget the lists. Yes, lists can be extremely helpful to keep us on track and focused, but I do think they can become obstacles that keep us busy and distracted from true, meaningful action, and I think they do this more than we realize. They are dangerous because they disguise themselves as helpful when they can actually sabotage our efforts to achieve our goals, so we never expect that they could be harmful to us. We feel a sense of accomplishment as we check off the bullet points on our lists, but if these bullet points aren’t actually moving us to significant growth and specific goals, what good is this “accomplishment?
I am not advocating that you throw out lists entirely if you are list-oriented like me; I simply mean to encourage all of us to honestly examine our lists and decide if they are actually aiding us in accomplishing important goals or if they are secretly serving to busy and distract us from more important action. As you are sitting down today and making your New Year’s resolutions, really think about what your main goals are for 2019. I suggest making a list that first and foremost highlights a few very specific goals and then includes sub-points under these main goals with plans of action to help you reach them. This will help you stay focused on the main things you are working toward and keep them on the forefront of your mind instead of getting caught up with random things on a to-do list that don’t actually move you forward.
Lastly, I want to send you into 2019 with a very important reminder: When you inevitably fail, you must not forget that there is grace. Do not allow yourself to reach a point of discouragement that you give up. As Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12, God’s grace is sufficient for us, and His power is made perfect in our weakness. Ask the Lord and loved ones for help, embrace His grace, get back up, and keep moving forward.

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Manger with hay and swaddling clothes in old stable
Dec 10, 2018

A Focused Christmas

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Christmas? Stressful shopping trips to Target where you wait in line for 45 minutes with all the other parents who are similarly trying to check out with their kids’ toys? Staying up until the early hours of Christmas morning wrapping presents and stuffing stockings? Watching your children’s faces light up as they open the gifts they were hoping for? Going to what feels like a million Christmas parties at your office, your spouse’s office, your children’s school, your church, etc.? Visiting or hosting family members? The annual candle light church service? A beautiful spread of your favorite dishes at a large family dinner? A day or two off work? Watching Home Alone or White Christmas? Christmas trees? Snow? Carols? Santa Clause?
There is no doubt about it: Our society has commercialized Christmas. We are bombarded by advertisements, movies, songs, newspapers, and stores telling us what gifts to get our loved ones so they know how much we care, which dishes to prepare for Christmas dinner so our mothers-in-law will be impressed, the new outfits we need so that the whole family will coordinate for pictures, the latest Christmas trends on Pinterest so we can keep up with the other moms, how to host the best holiday party, and on and on and on.
Of course we know deep down that the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of our Savior’s birth, but it is far too easy to get wrapped up in the innumerable distractions and stresses of the season that demand our attention and shift our focus off of the newborn King. In and of themselves, there is nothing wrong with most of the secular traditions that accompany the Christmas season; giving gifts our loved ones will enjoy, making gingerbread houses, celebrating with friends and family at parties and over special meals, and watching our favorite Christmas movies are all good things. The danger that we must guard against is letting these practices distract us from Jesus’ birth. It takes a lot of intentionality to do these things, but I recommend three strategies for keeping Christ the main focus of the Christmas season:
Firstly, forcing yourself to slow down can be so valuable. This season is a hectic, fast-paced, exhausting whirlwind every single year. The faster you go mentally and physically, the harder it is to slow down. Force yourself to. You don’t have to get to everything on your very long to-do list. You don’t have to go to every single holiday celebration. You don’t have to decorate every square inch of the house with garland, lights, and wreaths. The world won’t stop spinning if you take a breather, so allow yourself to do so. Slowing down will help prepare your mind to be able to focus on the Lord.
Once you have slowed down, focus your calmed mind and spirit on Jesus and His birth. Reading a daily Advent devotional can be extremely helpful in this endeavor. I personally think Desiring God’s Good News of Great Joy Advent meditations are wonderful, but there are many great options out there at your disposal. Reading these every day throughout the month of December will keep your focus on Jesus’ birth and make it less likely that you will be distracted by all the noise competing for your attention.
Lastly, try eliminating distractions by limiting time on all types of media – social, television, magazines, etc. You’ll still be exposed to advertisements because they are literally everywhere you go, but this may help drown out some of the noise. If you intentionally cut back on your media time, you will be less bombarded with the typical distractions of the season and, consequently, better able to remain focused on the true meaning of Christmas.
Over 2,000 years ago, God sent His one and only Son to save us even though we were in active rebellion against Him. He entered the world that He created in a humble state, and He demonstrated love in a way that changed the course of history and our eternity. This gift is infinitely better than anything we find wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning, and we must fight to remember that during this busy holiday season.

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Nov 19, 2018

Thanking God For You!

A Changed Life is Priceless!

The difference God made in Hunter’s life at PAYH is invaluable. It is impossible to thank you enough for how you have helped to make this kind of life-changing transformation possible through your investment in God’s Kingdom.

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This ministry has endured for almost 60 years because God has blessed us with faithful partners. Through friends like you, He ensures that we have the help we need to accomplish our mission. Click the button below to learn more, whether you’re interested in volunteering, making a one-time gift, or becoming a monthly contributor.