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Let’s face it. Being an effective parent is the hardest job to take on. Changes in our culture have altered what families look like: more mothers are rearing their children alone, and more grandparents are picking up where parents left off. Growing pressures conspire against keeping families strong, making it harder all the time to be intentional about raising our children to make good choices that lead to a productive, satisfied life.

But there is hope! Here are some resources (support for parents) to help you navigate this current culture:

Featured Resources

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson: Strength Legend

Though he became known as the world’s strongest man, strength legend Paul Anderson realized that without Christ, he was weak.

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Happy family of three people resting in a city park with a tablet in hands. Father shows in tablet funny pictures. Family sitting on grass and looking at the tablet. Happy family concept of the good life.

Colder Weather Brings Outside Play Inside

A few tips from the Paul Anderson Youth Home director on limiting the time children spend on tech devices while…

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8 moms feature image

Moms! Here Are 8 Things Your Children Need to See You Doing

Being a mom can be overwhelming. Break things down. Read this quick article about what eight things your children need…

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Laugh Feature

Just Laugh and See What Happens

Life can be hard sometimes. When we choose to laugh, it doesn’t change the circumstances going on around us; it…

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Happy family together, parents with their little child at sunset. Father raising baby up in the air.

Allowing Them to Fail So They Can Win

Parenting advice: Wins and failures. Do we allow our children to fail so that they can ultimately win? Paul Anderson…

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Do you have nomophobia

Do you have nomophobia?

What in the world is nomophobia?! We know a phobia is a fear and from the perspective of psychology, a…

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Fatherless Infographic feature

Fatherless Epidemic

Increasing numbers of fathers not being in the home. Are we in a fatherless epidemic? What is the impact on…

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real mom vs super mom faeture

Are you a Super Mom?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a mom? Do you wonder if you're doing everything right? Watch this video--This Real…

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Kids and Eye Contact

What’s up with kids and eye contact today? Limiting screen time is important because technology won't help their critical social…

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