High-Risk Behaviors

Unraveling High-Risk Behaviors: Entertaining Ourselves to Death

High-Risk Behaviors Teen Boys“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things,
because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” ~
Walt Disney

Pornography, sex, and drugs are no longer just about escapism. These behaviors are now seen as “normal in the youth culture.” We are here to help you identify risk factors and to address these dangerous trends.



Do I have a child using drugs?

Do I have a child using drugs? It is a question that no parent really wants to entertain. But all…

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Is My Child In Trouble?

Is it too late? Is my child in trouble? How do I get to the bottom of what's going on…

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How easy is it for teens to get drugs

How easy is it for teens to get drugs? It's a lot easier than parents think. For a number of…

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Q&A with Glenda: Aerosol

What do you do if you discover aerosol cans under your child's bed? Is that a reason for concern? Glenda…

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Mobile Pornography

Pornography has been around for awhile. With youth today accessing the Internet from their phones, PlayStation's or X-Boxes, tablets, or…

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Q & A with Glenda: Apathy

Glenda shares her thoughts on the anger and apathy that we are seeing with today's youth.

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