Our Program

Christ-centered Approach

At PAYH, we strive to provide a Christ-centered, holistic, and therapeutic approach towards transforming the lives of young men ages 16-21. This involves setting focused, individualized goals, tracking their progress, and maintaining accountability for everyone involved. Individual Service Plans are tailored to meet each young man’s specific needs at the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual levels.

Spiritual and Physical Development

There is no single aspect of a young man’s development as important as his spiritual life. Every day begins and ends with prayer, both for our young men and our staff. Bible study and daily devotionals are a core component of our program, and our young men memorize new passages of scripture weekly.

PAYH alumni often tell us that they graduated our program in the best shape of their lives. Every morning routine includes at least a 1 mile run, and our PE program also includes weightlifting, recreational sports, and training for specific athletic events. This training program is so effective that at the 2017 Chick-fil-A Vidalia Road Race, which had over 400 participants, our young men claimed 5 of the top 10 spots.

Praying with Jake

Tier System

Over the course of a 15-18 month stay, each young man’s progress is evaluated monthly by our trained and licensed staff as he works through the 5 stages of our “PAYH STRONG” program, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the young man’s development.

Program StagePAYHStrong
Elapsed Time0 – 3 months3 – 7 months7 – 10 months10 – 14 months14 – 18 months
Developmental FocusWilling ObedienceDiligent Work EthicSpiritual GrowthSocial ConductFuture Goals

Substance Abuse and Prime For Life®

We offer a two-step substance abuse program to give young men the tools and knowledge to maintain a drug and alcohol-free life. Prime for Life® is an evidence-based program designed to reduce the risk of future substance abuse by identifying and addressing the biological and psychological triggers that lead to addiction, then equipping our young men with the tools they need to recognize and avoid them.

Those who come to us with existing addictions will also complete Prime Solutions® substance abuse treatment. Developed in collaboration with leading addiction experts and used by numerous state and local agencies, this program addresses the needs of our young men on an individual basis. No two young men are the same and Prime Solutions® can be customized for young men from different backgrounds and varying levels of addiction.

Educational Opportunities

Fully Accredited High School

Young men can earn a high school diploma or GED through our SACS/ACSI accredited high school and can obtain college credit online through our participation in Georgia’s “Move on When Ready” program.

Vocational Training Program

At PAYH, we introduce our young men to various skilled trades. Through our vocational program, they learn the basics of agriculture, landscaping, culinary arts, auto mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical circuitry.

Practical Life Skills Training

In order to teach our young men to be independent, productive citizens, we provide training in areas often overlooked in formal education, including applying for jobs, basic auto and household maintenance, managing a budget, and filing taxes.

Transition Program

We know how difficult it can be for young men who have worked so hard to change the direction of their lives to leave the safety and structure they have found at PAYH and to smoothly transition into the outside world. Because of our desire to see them live a full, successful life, our transition team works diligently with our young men and their families to create an individualized transition plan that meets the immediate and future goals of each graduate and places him in a positive, supportive environment where he has the best opportunity to succeed.

Transition Program
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