Prime for Life

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One of the greatest difficulties encountered by recent PAYH graduates is the temptation to return to whatever addictions brought them to us in the first place. Sometimes they feel they can handle it, or otherwise develop a false sense of security. We pray daily that this doesn’t happen to them, and through this two-step substance abuse program we are giving them the tools and knowledge needed to prevent a relapse. Designed to reduce the risk of future substance abuse, Prime for Life identifies and addresses the biological and psychological triggers that lead to drug and alcohol abuse, and equips our young men with the tools they need to recognize and avoid them. Through this, they will be less likely to make high-risk choices and more likely to seek help in the early stages of a problem’s development. Young men who came to us with existing addictions, as well as those identified as high-risk through the Prime for Life prevention program, will also complete Prime Solutions substance abuse treatment. Developed in collaboration with leading addiction experts and used by numerous state and local agencies, this program addresses the needs of our young men on an individual basis. No two young men are the same, and Prime Solutions can be customized for young men from different backgrounds and varying levels of addiction. To learn more about this program and its effectiveness, visit

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