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Dec 02, 2019


Rainer came to the PAYH as a 20 year old in September of 2006 from north Georgia. He first experimented with drugs as a 10 year old. In his own words, he had very few memories of his teenage years. With a penchant for risky behavior, Rainer found himself in serious trouble with the law. In lieu of going to prison, Rainer came to PAYH to begin rebuilding his life. While here, he began to actively read books, and create memories. Today, he is a tender man with a giving heart and an absolute devotion to his family. When Rainer first came to the PAYH, he was unable to do memory work but as his mind began to clear, Rainer grew to love memorizing Scripture. While at the PAYH, Rainer dedicated his life to Christ and was baptized. A 9th grade dropout, while at the PAYH Rainer earned his GED and was a diligent and hard worker in all that he did. In April, after 19 months at the PAYH, Rainer graduated and has chosen to remain in Vidalia, working for a local company.

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