About PAYH

The Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) is a residential home providing Christian rehabilitation for young men seeking an alternative to incarceration. Continuing the mission set by Paul Anderson and his wife Glenda in 1961, the PAYH seeks to teach our young men that they are created by God and have a special purpose in life. We believe that young men with self-confidence and Christian character will become “givers” rather than “takers,” assets rather than liabilities. The PAYH also provides help for parents of troubled teenagers, through resources, counseling, and referrals. If you are interested in the services offered by the PAYH, please contact us or apply online.

Our unique program is designed to develop each young man spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. A typical day combines Biblical teaching and academic training in our accredited high school, while incorporating physical fitness. emotional development, and social awareness while instilling a strong work ethic.

Our staff provides over 250 combined years of experience ministering and counseling young men and their families.

The PAYH specializes in character building, which is evident in our over 90% success rate. The low recidivism rate of PAYH alumni is attributed to our unique program as well as continued support from the PAYH after graduation.

The PAYH is a Christian charity. To ensure the PAYH’s Christian foundation is not jeopardized, neither local, state, nor federal funds are accepted. We depend on the support of individuals, corporations, organizations, churches, and foundations who partner with the PAYH to provide a second chance for the young men and their families which are entrusted to this ministry. To support the PAYH you can donate online, participate in our annual Golf Classic, make purchases from our product lines, select from our planned giving opportunities, or by partnering in prayer. For more information on tax deductible giving opportunities please contact us.