How much does the PAYH program cost?

Due to the generosity of our ministry partners, Paul Anderson Youth Home is able to provide scholarships to each young man.

Because we offer financial aid based on household income, tuition is not finalized until later in the application process.    We want our focus to be solely on helping your son and family.  Our admissions department will be happy to discuss the amount of financial aid you will receive.

The main goal of the Paul Anderson Youth Home is to help young men and equip them for bright futures. We provide room, board, drug rehabilitation, counseling (group, family, and individual), emotional guidance, and the opportunity for young men to obtain their high school diploma from the Paul Anderson High School (dual accredited ACSI and SACS).

We receive no financial assistance from the government, so we depend on the support of individuals, corporations, churches, and foundations, to fill in the financial gap between the tuition we ask parents to pay and the money required to operate our facility. Throughout the year, the PAYH sponsors a number of activities, functions, and fundraising events in which we encourage parents, families, friends, and alumni to take part…from musicals and parenting conferences to golf tournaments, bike rides, Christmas Dinner Theater and Anderson’s Harvest merchandise sales. [/faq]

What is the application process?

  1.  Let’s talk.  Phone conversation with PAYH Admissions Team. Every family is different and we want to get to know your family and we know you have a lot of questions about us.
  2.  Apply. We understand paperwork isn’t fun.  This is needed so our team can review and continue to next steps.
  3.  Financial aid enrollment.  PAYH is able to support families a great deal due to our generous donors. We suggest all applicants apply for financial aid from PAYH.  All of our families are eligible to receive monthly support.
  4.  Interview. It’s a two way street.  This will be your time to tour our campus and interview us.  We will also have the chance to meet your family and ask you questions.
  5.  Welcome. You will hear us refer to this step as intake but truly, this our time to welcome your son to our family.  Please check our application process for complete requirements and forms.

[faq question="What is the average length of stay at the PAYH?"]The average length of stay is 14-18 months. This depends on the boy’s progress through the program.

What are the ages of the young men at the PAYH?

The Paul Anderson Youth Home serves young men between the ages of 16 to 21.

How many young men are in the PAYH program at a time?

There are approximately 18 to 20 young men in the Paul Anderson Youth Home program at a time.

Where do the young men attend school?

The Paul Anderson Youth High School is a year-round ACSI and SACS accredited high school. With a curriculum that is tailored to each student, we seek to “meet them where they are” and challenge them for the future.  We offer Advanced Placement classes as well as tutoring where needed.  Our courses are accepted at all colleges and universities in the state of Georgia.  In addition, we offer career aptitude testing to help guide students toward their career choice (interest as well as ability).  For those students who finish all their high school credits, if they are ready, we move them on to on-line college classes.  We choose core classes so that they will transfer easily to whatever college the young man chooses.

Does the PAYH provide young men with drug and alcohol awareness classes?

Yes. We use the Twelve Steps Awareness Program for all young men who have had drug or alcohol problems.

How often does a parent get to visit with their son?

Every month, parents are encouraged to come and participate in a worship service that is held on campus. After the service, parents are allowed to spend four hours with their son. At Christmas time, the length of the visit is six hours. Two of the visits are different as the PAYH hosts Parental Weekends for parents twice a year. Those retreats are special times of restoration and bonding.

Who is allowed to visit or write a young man in the PAYH program?

Only a young man’s immediate family or guardians are allowed to attend our monthly visits and correspond.

Is the PAYH affiliated with any church?

The PAYH is a non-denominational Christian facility. We attend a number of the churches located within our community.

Where is the PAYH located?

The PAYH is located 14 miles south of I-16 off exit 84, Highway 297, in Vidalia, Georgia. Please use this link for directions.