PAYH vs. Military School

Paul Anderson Youth Home is the ONLY Christian transformative organization that recreates healthy homes through enduring relationships, routines, and tough love.

Words from Young Men at PAYH

Words from Their Parents


"Jail was easy. This [PAYH Program]was hard.  You wouldn’t think that, but it comparison to jail and prison. At the Youth Home, it’s wake up at six am.  Run a mile.  Let's to go to P.E.   Let's run another six miles.  It varied, and we always were doing something, and the staff members obviously cared, and they were looking to make you a better person, which meant calling you out when you were doing the wrong thing or punishment when you failed to listen. Like I said, it was an emotional, physical and spiritual breakdown. It almost made you see what you were really made of more than anything."

"They [Paul Anderson Youth Home] are suddenly making them responsible for their own behavior…they're teaching respect for authority.They're giving them some self confidence.  They're teaching them how to dress. They're teaching them manners. They're teaching  them how to approach the public, and they're teaching them how, when they leave, to take those tools with them and do with them as they wish. And I think that's what Paul Anderson does, it gives them tools."

"They provided me a place to stay, to live.  They fed me.  They provided a place for me to do a little side work to help pay down my restitution.  Emotionally they were there simply to break some of the habits that I had developed and just some thinking...spiritually they were there showing me who Christ was and just looking at every detail, both morally, spiritually and physically, in  my life to help better me as a man."

"The discipline is phenomenal. No yelling. If you do something really bad, you dig a hole. It’s physical labor.  Physical discipline which also, in turn, has dual impact where they become stronger.  They're getting exercise.  They're outside.  They're working.  They're constantly involved.  There is no opportunity to check out, which I think is fantastic...They hold them accountable for their decisions."

"I think the program itself is super challenging. It’s hard….it's a tough program...That’s what really kept me doing what I was supposed to do.  

"I think their ultimate goal is to deal with the whole person and so they do have the Christian aspect spiritually but then physically and mentally, the boys are active all day...It’s more developing that whole person so it’s not a one dimensional approach to kind of rehabilitating the individual."