Our Program


Depending upon God’s Divine guidance, as a Christian rehabilitation facility for young men between the ages of 16 and 21, the Paul Anderson Youth Home works with each young man entrusted to us to:

  • Encourage their spiritual, emotional, mental, social and physical growth, based on Luke 2:52.
  • Provide opportunities for them to become assets rather than liabilities…givers rather than takers.
  • Instill a purposefully dedicated work ethic to the glory of God.


Biblical truths are not only verbally shared but they are also exemplified by application to circumstances and challenges of everyday life. Scriptures are applied to help solve problems that arise.


When a young man has confidence in who he is in Jesus, he will be more concerned for himself as well as his fellowman. His attitude and decisions will begin to reflect that he is in control of his emotions and decisions which will help him begin to accept responsibility for his actions.

We implement Biblical principles into all areas of our program and take a Christ-Like approach in how we mentor, correct, guide, and direct as they work through forgiveness with the goal of restoration and reconciliation.

The PAYH’s family atmosphere provides a setting where our young men are loved. The staff serves as role models which allows the boys to observe firsthand how a family works together. Through recovery group, art therapy, as well as activities designed to encourage their emotional healing and growth, our young men discover ways to overcome past habits and work toward new beginnings.

By holding them accountable for the choices that they make, the boys learn that there are natural consequences for poor decisions. Logical consequences are imposed so that they learn the importance of making the right decisions. We believe that it was their poor choices that resulted in them coming to the Youth Home and accordingly, their choices will determine their future.


The PAYH on-campus school offers formal classes and individual tutoring, vocational training, field trips, multimedia presentations, and guest speakers. Students learn how to operate personal computers, prepare resumes, fill out job applications, and interview for jobs, which prepares them for the contemporary business world. The PAYH equips its students to meet the demands of the world by teaching them how to develop a budget, open and manage checking and savings accounts, purchase a car and house, complete an income tax form, and buy insurance.

Our HORIZONS and Outdoor Education Program (OEP), seeks to broaden their experiences and give them a picture of a family through trips and adventures to the beaches of the Southeast, snow skiing, white-water rafting, and rappelling. These outings enable them to gain confidence and make special memories, all while challenging them to see new sights and achieve new heights mentally.


Christian counselors are available to assist PAYH family members in order that they may mature emotionally and better understand themselves and others. Instruction is given in etiquette, as well as respect for other people’s rights and property. Social emphasis is placed on alcohol and drug awareness, moral issues, and life-coping skills.



The exercise program, combined with proper nutrition, keeps the young men physically fit and enhances their personal appearance and self-confidence. Additionally, the obligation for carrying out work assignments instills in them a sense of responsibility and the personal satisfaction of a job well done. Paul Anderson always believed that if a boy knew how to work well, he’d be a success in life.





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* The Paul Anderson Youth Home, Inc. is licensed by the Georgia Department of Human Resources’ Office of Regulatory Services.
** The Paul Anderson Youth Home serves young men regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or national origin.