Our Team

At no time in our history have we been so well-equipped to provide for those in our care as we are today. We have a wonderful staff of caring, committed Christians, who know that they have been called to be members of the body of Christ at work here. With over 300 collective years of experience, the “heart” and “spirit” of the PAYH ministry has never been “richer”!


  • Glenda Anderson

    Glenda Anderson

    President & Co-founder

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  • Staff2013_0016-copy

    Caleb Leonard


  • PAYH-Staff-2012_0134-copy

    Betty Burris

    VP - Compliance

  • JoshHolt-web

    Josh Holt

    VP- Programs

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    Tim Ritchie

    VP - Business Development

  • Luke-web

    Luke Adams


  • renia-avera-web

    Renia Avera

    Director of Donor Management

  • Eddie Burris

    Eddie Burris

    Physical Plant Director

  • William Claxton

    William Claxton


  • Brian Clift

    Brian Clift

    Advancement Officer

  • Donald Conner

    Donald Conner

    Family Relations Administrator

  • stephen-nichols-web

    Stephen Nichols

    Graphic Designer / Software Coordinator

  • keisha-ross-small-file

    Keshia Ross

    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • jake-rowland-web

    Jake Rowland

    Office Associate

  • Cheryl Segear

    Cheryl Segear

    Advancement Administration

  • Jovel Segear

    Jovel Segear


  • Staff2013_0027-copy

    Victoria Shuman

    Advancement Officer

  • PAYH Staff Kathy-082312_0034-copy

    Dr. Kathy Sikes


  • Jay Sineath

    Jay Sineath


  • shane-smith-web

    Shane Smith

    Director of Advancement

  • Staff2013_0002-copy

    Eileen Whitfield


  • Deborah Williams

    Deborah Williams

    Case Coordinator

  • Kevin Williams

    Kevin Williams

    Mentor/Life Skills Coach

Paul Anderson Family Strong Center--Counseling

  • Christy-Clark-1

    Christy Clark

    Office Manager, Family Strong

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    Dr. Patricia Dalton

    Psychologist, Phd Psychology

  • Kevin Williams

    Kevin Williams

    Certified Life Coach

Part Time

  • John Gladden


  • Rhonda Harrison

    Rhonda Harrison

    Social Work Associate

  • PAYH-Staff-James-Lowe2012_0104-copy

    James Lowe

    Masters of Middle Grades Education

  • Emma-P-1-web

    Emma Payne

    Director of First Impressions

  • Staff2014-0004-copy2

    Elizabeth Proenza, RN

    Registered Nurse

  • Wallace Thompson

    Wallace Thompson


  • Mary-Wilkes-copy

    Mary Wilkes



  • Glenda Anderson

    Glenda Anderson

    President & Co-founder

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  • Milly Kennedy

    (Reidsville GA)

  • Billy McClarnon

    (Altamonte Springs, FL)

  • Jason Davis

    (Vidalia, GA)

  • Fritz Olnhausen

    (Norcross, GA)

  • Carroll Williams

    (Vidalia, GA)

  • Truett Andrew

    (Vidalia, GA)

  • Board-Members-6-copy

    Sandra Carter

    (Laurenburg, NC)

  • Bob Dixon

    Bob Dixon, Jr.

    (Vidalia, GA)

  • Donovan Graham

    Donovan Graham

    (Colorado Springs, CO)

  • Nick Greene

    Nick Greene

    (Savannah, GA)

  • DougLee

    Doug Lee

    (Alexandria, VA)

  • Charles_Ruffin_13-14_color

    Charles Ruffin

    (Macon, GA)

  • paula

    Paula Schaefer

    (Toccoa, GA)

  • Tonya Spivey

    (Savannah, GA)

Advisory Board

  • John Dewberry

    (Atlanta, GA)

  • WesHolt

    Wes Holt

    (Vidalia, GA)

  • Steve Kaloper

    (Atlanta, GA)

  • Bruce Kern

    (Jacksonville Beach, FL)

  • Stephen Leonard

    Stephen Leonard

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  • George Murray

    (Blythewood, SC)

  • Larry Murray

    (Augusta, GA)

  • Joe Pollock

    (Augusta, GA)

  • Greg

    Greg Sperry

    (St. Simons, GA)