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Who We Are

The Paul Anderson Youth Home is the only Christian transformative organization that recreates healthy homes through enduring relationships, routines, and tough love.

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Humility Produces Authentic Thanksgiving

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the

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Happy family of three people resting in a city park with a tablet in hands. Father shows in tablet funny pictures. Family sitting on grass and looking at the tablet. Happy family concept of the good life.

Colder Weather Brings Outside Play Inside

A few tips on limiting the time children spend on tech devices As

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Being a Man in the Middle

What can I tell you about my journey to becoming

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8 moms feature image

Moms! Here Are 8 Things Your Children Need to See You Doing

Rise to the challenge – It’s only eight things.  You can

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Atlanta Journal Constitution Features Drew Read, PAYH

How to limit time children spend on tech devices September 18,

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Family Strong Center

Paul Anderson Family Strong Center

Behavioral health services needed in Toombs County It is estimated

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Laugh Feature

Just Laugh and See What Happens

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out

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Happy family together, parents with their little child at sunset. Father raising baby up in the air.

Allowing Them to Fail So They Can Win

It’s not always easy to talk about parenting.   It’s a

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