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Who We Are

The Paul Anderson Youth Home is the only Christian transformative organization that recreates healthy homes through enduring relationships, routines, and tough love.

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Value of a Changed Life

Because of you, lives can change. In this video, Jesse tells us exactly how his life has changed. When you give to the Paul Anderson Youth Home you are investing directly into young men just like Jesse—their lives, their families, their future wives and children.

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Parenting tips on teaching your children how to value kindness and caring

Tips on teaching your children to not only show kindness and caring, but to value it.

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Greater than Thanks

It is a season of thanks, when we gather together

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Call me Al…or Dad? – Parents As Friends

I can remember when I called a fellow mother to

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Paul & Glenda

Build Something Bigger Than Record-Setting Strength

Paul Anderson built more than Olympic or Guiness Book of World Record fame. Paul Anderson built lives and offered hope and a second chance to youth and families.

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Build Something Bigger Than Record-Setting Strength page 2

Faith & Fitness magazine interviewed PAYH fitness director, Bill Ingram, to gain some insight on how the legacy of Paul Anderson has shaped our fitness program today.

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What-Is-Your-Place-Of-Influence feature

What Is Your Place Of Influence?

What is your place of influence?   We often live our

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Father And Son Praying Under The Cross

Father’s Prayer

Father’s Prayer To be a good father to those who

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