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Who We Are

The Paul Anderson Youth Home is the only Christian transformative organization that recreates healthy homes through enduring relationships, routines, and tough love.

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Happy family together, parents with their little child at sunset. Father raising baby up in the air.

Allowing Them to Fail So They Can Win

It’s not always easy to talk about parenting.   It’s a

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Do you have nomophobia

Do you have nomophobia?

Do you have nomophobia?  What in the world is nomophobia

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Fatherless Infographic feature

Fatherless Epidemic

Flying kites, throwing balls, a feeling of security, sometimes a

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real mom vs super mom faeture

Are you a Super Mom?

Do you believe in Spiderman or Superman?  If you do,

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Kids and Eye Contact

What’s up with kids and eye contact today? Are kids

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Be a better parent – It’s never too late

Do you want to be a better parent? If you

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game night

Hands on or hands off parent? Does it matter?

Protecting your child from harm is the most important duty

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Do You Know A Family?

For fifty-four years we have offered the grace of Jesus

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