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Who We Are

We are a Christian ministry who disciples teens through our youth home and equips families nationally through our familySTRONG resources and parenting events.

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How Can You Change A LIfe Video

How Can You Change A Life

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you try to do good? Well how about some good news: you can change a life!

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Billy’s Story

Before coming to the Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) at age 18, Billy was a

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The Other Side of the Equation

Listen to the news, a conversation at work, or even

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Keep It Simple. Keep It Fun.

It’s summer! We all have memories of childhood being a

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Video Gaming

Porn and Playstations

Every year technology seems to embed itself deeper into our

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The Importance of Completion

The season of spring fever is in full bloom and

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Want Some Good News?

Want some good news?  We all could use some.  Well

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Change In Your Children

It’s hard being a parent. Isn’t it? There are no

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