Paul Anderson Youth Home
Building Generations of

Strong Families

The Paul Anderson Youth Home provides a second chance to hurting young men ages 16-21 through a Christ-centered, individualized, and holistic approach that meets their specific needs at the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual levels.

Our Program

Through the long-term pursuit of our program’s core priorities for young men, our vision is to see generations of strong families serving Christ. We accomplish this through four strategic priorities and four key substance abuse program strategies.

Strength for the Day

Hide and Seek

“Anyone who trusts in Him will never be put to shame.” -Romans 10:11 When my oldest daughter was two years old, she and I were playing hide and seek in the walled back yard of our Edinburgh, Scotland home. It was her...

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Latest Blog Posts

Trusting God with Your Children

Parenting is hard. It all starts even before your first child is born. You find out you’re pregnant and immediately begin the process of sacrificing your body for another as you sustain and nourish the life growing in your...

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