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Jul 04, 2013

America's Birthday!

It’s America’s Birthday! Two-hundred and thirty seven years old! Not very old when you consider the time already expired in civilization’s recorded history; and we have no real certainty as to how many more birthdays our country itself will celebrate; nor the time left until the Lord Jesus Christ steps again on the earth. But from many perspectives, not all, America has had a remarkable impact by God’s grace on the peoples of the earth. There are those disparagers, many more today, who by an odd non-historical standard seek to emphasize the imperialistic, oppression making fantasy of America on the ill-taught youth and fewer misguided adults of this country. But the truth which lies in the blood, sacrifices, tears, and sweat of the American soldier, the sending of missionaries throughout the globe with the gifts and commitment of millions of American saints, the generosity of the American spirit to the needs of the world that exceeds any other country on the earth, these truths will endure because of Almighty God, whose witness and memory is infinite. He has said every deed will be judged, every act rewarded or punished, and these events of obedience will not vanish into thin air, forever to be forgotten. Every pretender who has attempted to rewrite history, all scoffers to whom truth is meaningless, will be put to shame in utter silence as God sets the record straight of what really took place before the eyes of the Holy and Perfect Judge of all.
For those of us blessed to be a citizen of this land, either by birth or adoption, we have much for which to be thankful. What an understatement! But this is not our home, nor our ultimate place of citizenship, and this we must never fail to emphasize in the eyes of our hearts. As Paul clearly says in our text today in this country it is easy, a broad road to destruction, to make your stomach your God, to follow and create a destiny headed to destruction, to consider what is really your shame, your glory, and to fix your vision on earthly things. July 4th is not only reason to celebrate this country’s birth and your citizenship in America; it is a good day to re-evaluate your own heart’s vision of your real citizenship. Has Paul described you and your life-style in the text above? Though you may not think of it in such graphic terms, do you live as though you are an enemy of the cross of Christ? These evaluations are a worthy meditation for today.
My observation of the American populace and our culture lead me to believe that there are not only a very large group of Americans who are enemies of the cross of Christ, but it is a growing number. I will never disparage the fact that just like in Elijah’s Israel when he thought he was the only faithful one left, God had to tell him that he had 7,000 others who had not bowed their knee to Baal. God is still at work in our land, but what we see with our own eyes is not encouraging.  America may be in her few remaining years. But the Christian can always take heart; your citizenship is in heaven! Live now in such a manner that this is a description of you. Do not think in future tense alone. Live now as a citizen of heaven while making it known to others where your citizenship truly lies. Jesus said it clearly, “He who will confess Me before men, him will I also confess before my Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:33) This is an announcement of your citizenship. Let it be known on Independence Day, and every day as you eagerly await your Savior.

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