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I started smoking marijuana during my sophomore year of high school. Most of my friends also smoked, and I let my desire to fit in direct my choices. This led me to rebel, and my grades began to suffer. After a bit of research, my mom found the PAYH website…

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I came to the youth home with numerous charges and facing serious prison time. Fortunately for me there was an alternative. At PAYH, I have had a chance to change my ways. During my time here, I have learned to keep my anger and impulses in check. I have worked…

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I started using marijuana when I was 15. It started as a hobby but eventually became a crutch that I used to deal with my depression over the death of some friends. After that I became more rebellious and angry at any source of authority. This led me to become…

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This ministry has endured for almost 60 years because God has blessed us with faithful partners. Through friends like you, He ensures that we have the help we need to accomplish our mission. Click the button below to learn more, whether you’re interested in volunteering, making a one-time gift, or becoming a monthly contributor.