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Nov 05, 2009

The Alcohol & Sex Connection


Eighty Percent of first sexual experiences occur under the influence of alcohol. This is not exactly how most girls dreamed of losing their virginity. It’s not surprising that two-thirds of teens girls regret having sex. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, impairs judgment and interferes with decision-making. Alcohol abuse is directly related to unplanned and risky sexual behavior.
Here are some facts

  • 80% of first sexual experiences occur under the influence of alcohol
  • 51% of college students believe alcohol facilitates sexual opportunities.
  • 40% of men believe it is acceptable force sex on a woman who was drunk.
  • 32% of sexual assaults of college students occur at parties.
  • Almost 50% of unplanned sexual encounters are under the influence of alcohol
  • By their senior year in college, 81% of students have had sex because they were drunk.
  • College students who mix alcohol and sex report having more partners whom they know only “slightly” or “moderately.”
  • In two-thirds of unplanned pregnancies, the woman was intoxicated during sex.
  • 60% of STDs are transmitted when the partners are drunk.

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